How to Transform Your Home With a Deck

Weather does not get much better than summer in the Pacific Northwest. With blue skies, dry heat, and beautiful evenings, it’s a shame to not spend as much time outside as possible. Do you have an outdoor living space you love? If not, it might be time to transform your home with a new [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Home Styles in the Portland Area

Portland has so many things to offer, including distinctive houses and architecture. With over 150,000 houses in the city, you can find a variety of home styles-- from Bungalows, 2-story Tudors, large Foursquares, and more. If you’re wondering what era your house is, or want to identify the style of a home just by [...]

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What is the Best Deck Material for Your New Deck?

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it can be hard to know which deck material is the best fit for your new deck. Besides a material that will look great, you need to know it will hold up against harsh, rainy weather. The last thing you want to do is to spend all of your [...]

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